Trouw Nutrition - A Global Leader in High-Quality Feeds

Trouw Nutrition is a global leader in innovative feed specialties, nutritional services, and premixes. If you are interested to learn more about our global operations, please visit

At the local level, our focus is to provide high-quality feeds and services to dairy producers and livestock owners from our feed mill located in Strykersville, NY. 

Feeds forDairy Cattle

Give your calves a strong start and provide a productive and healthy life for your cows with specially formulated dairy feeds and products by Trouw Nutrition.

Feeds forSwine

Our swine feed line will give your pigs, hogs, and sows the nutrition they need to perform.

Feeds for Beef& Small Ruminants

Our feeds for beef cattle, sheep, and goats are formulated for growth, whether grazing or confined.

Helping You On the Farm

At Trouw Nutrition, we understand that you are looking for capable service from your feed supplier. That is why we have invested in a trained and motivated team of on-farm service and feed delivery professionals.

 Trouw Farm Services and Feel Delivery

Farm Services

The Feed Account Resource Managers (FARMers) of Trouw Nutrition work with dairy producers and their nutrition consultants to provide a wide range of valuable on-farm services.

Feed Delivery

Unlike many feed mills, we operate our own fleet of trucks and directly employ our team of delivery professionals. This means that customers enjoy a consistent and dependable feed delivery service – getting the right feed in the right place.