Trouw Nutrition - Farm & Delivery Services

At Trouw Nutrition, we understand that you are looking for capable service from your feed supplier. That is why we have invested in a trained and motivated team of on-farm service and feed delivery professionals.

Farm Services

The Feed Account Resource Managers (FARMers) of Trouw Nutrition work with dairy producers and their nutrition consultants to provide a wide range of valuable on-farm services.

  • Feed Inventory Management – the answer to those awful moments for when you run out of feed. Our Farm Service Team can keep track of feed, commodity, and forage usage and inventory so that you and your nutritionist can plan ahead rather than react to problems.
  • Forage Testing – The Farm Service Team is trained in proper sampling techniques, and will take samples for our customers. Results will be sent to you, your nutritionist, and anyone else that you want them shared with.
  • Audits and Evaluations – The Farm Service Team can perform regular monitoring evaluations and provide reports to you and your management team. Areas of evaluation include cow comfort, milking procedure compliance, colostrum management, calf and heifer growth performance, TMR mixing and delivery, TMR particle size, and silage packing density.

Have an idea or wish list of farm services? We’re open to ideas, so let’s talk and see what we can do!

Feed Delivery

Trouw Feed Delivery

When you work with Trouw Nutrition, you will get feed deliveries from our dedicated team of professional drivers. Unlike many feed mills, we operate our own fleet of trucks and directly employ our team of delivery professionals. This means that customers of Trouw enjoy consistent and dependable feed delivery service – getting the right feed in the right place.

Sustainable Dairy Farming

Trouw Nutrition’s HealthyLife program provides products and services to help producers translate the newest scientific developments into protocols to reach every dairy cow’s full milk production potential – increasing farm profitability and sustainability – by optimizing production, reproduction, and transition.

  • Increase sustainability and profitability – improve your farm’s financial performance while reducing its environmental footprint.
  • Boost lifetime daily yield – refine production practices to maximize lifetime daily yield by reducing the age of first calving, increasing production during lactation, and growing the number of lactations per cow.
  • Improve dairy herd fertility – manage hindgut health and use optimal calving intervals to support fertility and reduce the need for involuntary or fertility-related culling.
  • Smooth the transition process – implement a holistic system to manage transition while reducing systemic immune activation, negative energy balance, and milk fever and disease incidents.

Find out how to put the HealthyLife Program for Sustainable Dairy Farming to work for you!